The Rainbow Stick Boy

The Rainbow Stick Boy - Michael Santolini 5 stars for the lovely story, creative illustrations and beautiful design!

Michael Santolini’s book is wonderful! It is a book for both children and parents, and I would complete saying it is highly recommended for teachers as well.

The whole story is about being “different” in a society where everybody else is alike in appearance and behavior. Huey, the main character is rejected and ridiculed because he is this “different” person. He even tries to imitate the others in order to be accepted, without success, of course.

Until a pretty day, something extraordinary happens to that society and that dramatic event help them changing their mindset. Now, Huey and his new friend, who was also an outsider, are accepted, respected and understood.

In the end we have a beautiful message which tells us, even though a person is “different” on the outside, he/she can be wonderful in the inside. It is the classical idea that what really tells is what you really are rather than what you look like.

Now, the best and coziest part of the book is indeed the lovely illustrations made by Santolini himself! They are carefully made of Wikistyx (play dough?). They made my imagination take off and I was truly embedded in that imaginative world of sweet forms and colors.

The layout and design is very fun and easy to read. Looks very attractive for the audience. Definitely a book that is pleasant to hold, look at and learn from the meaningful story and unique illustrations.