Deerward - Marilena Mexi I have read Marilena’s first book, Antara and I immediately realized she was a natural born storyteller. Marilena writes from the heart and it reflects in the way she builds her characters.

In her third book, Deerward, I noticed her writing skills are sharper than ever: her characters have very distinct personalities and back-stories, her scenarios are more complex and her plot full of surprises in a fast tempo.

Deerward is not one story, but many. It tells of the hero’s home and birthplace, the story of his life, of his one great love, of different battles against evil, and last: his legacy.

Deerward is a great read for those who like dragons, magic and other epic elements. It is also very exciting, full of action, adventure, love and even twists of sorrow. Alcander, the main character, is good, brave, curious and has a tough decision to make by the end of the book, which is also my favorite part as it reveals more of his personality and internal values.

This is an original story, great for bedtime for those who have a warrior soul… And for those who love a classic epic read!