Learn, Create, and Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life

Learn, Create, and Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life - Clara Lieu I got a copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Clara Lieu is a woman of multiple talents and great professional achievements. She is a visual artist and professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. I find it very interesting that she chose to write an Art Book regarding the aspects of self-improvement and leadership rather than painting and other art techniques.

As a Digital Artist, this book was of great interest for me because of its subjects. Clara writes in an easy and clear way, so any aspiring artist, art professional, or simply art lover can enjoy and understand the book.

I also liked the overall design and presentation, and the fact that the book is in pocket size, easy to handle and take with you anywhere. Not to mention the beautiful postcard Clara sent to me with the book…
Learn, Create and Teach is not a book to go in depth on the subjects, but a book to make you think of them and feel inspired. Much of the subjects will be developed by you, if you take time for reflection. I got really touched by some of the things she pointed out such as “Have no Fear”, “Learn to let Go” and “Accept Rejection”, to mention a few.

As an artist, I found myself in many of the situations she described and also got inspired by a few things I confess I haven’t stopped to think about/evaluate. The book also follows an order: first we read through the lens of a student, then professional and last, teacher, which makes it a quite interesting experience.

I also enjoyed the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Art Class, because I found myself in them again, even though I have been to Art School.

I recommend this book for all artists and art lovers who like to keep inspired!