Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch - Lisa Williamson This is a «short» short story and when I got it from the author, she said it was in the “weird” genre/category. However, when I finished reading it I thought the words “surreal”, “mystery” and “dark” could be good tags for her work.

This is the kind of read which puts you to wonder more about the characters, the scenario, and makes grow a lot of “whys” in your head. I think it would be nice to have a bit more of extension to the story, but that’s because I am spoiled. I know the author wanted to narrate that short happening/passage and that’s the whole point about this short story/flash fiction.

The main character is a female spirit/soul condemned to pay for things she did when alive. The story narrates a passage of her every day in the afterlife!

I liked the mix of bizarre elements and atmosphere in there, but I had to read a couple of times to get it, although the story is also open to each person’s interpretation.

Very interesting, but not for those who like easy-reads. As a fan of bizarre and dark things I liked it a lot!