Blood in the Stars

Blood in the Stars - Jennifer  Shea I got an ARC from the author and here is my honest review:

Daria is a carreer-driven young woman who lives a solitary and quite life, until Jason, a Fallen-Angel, appears in her life to protect her from the dangers of being “the auspicious one”. Daria’s life is highly threatened by all sorts of creatures from the realms and Jason must do all he can to help keeping her safe and alive.

However, the two of them fall in love and taking care of her is now a personal matter for Jason. As we advance the chapters, we learn all the pain, enduring, dangers and sacrifices they undergo as the day Daria will receive supernatural powers is approaching. Other interesting characters join them along the story, adding more life and action to it.

Blood in the Stars is one of the coziest books I have read (hence I am not much into romance books!) and I could barely put it down. I wanted always to read more and fast, because I wondered all the time what would happen next. Jennifer Shea had a very engaging and friendly writing style. I can’t forget to mention I liked a lot the book cover as well. It conveys very well the hero and heroine of the story in their tender moments. Overall, a beautiful design and colors.

Now, I must say there were some points I would like to have more details about, related to being an “auspicious one”, but it doesn’t take away the tons of fun I had during this read. I also liked how Ms. Shea used the Christian mythologies (angels x fallen angles, god, etc.) to compose the Fantasy world and characters of Blood in the Stars.