Poems of Pain

Poems of Pain - Darcy Stewart I got a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Poems of Pain is a book with focus on moments of pain, anger, frustration and depression any person can have; although it seems to be more turned to women's difficult moments and situations, such as when they are cheated on, when they lose someone dear, when they are down or frustrated about themselves.

I can relate to some of the poems, as I have depressive tendencies myself and have experienced living with a highly depressive person, who reached to the bottom - if you have or had similar experience, maybe you find some poems you can relate here too.

Some of the poems are very distinctive and have an interesting tone, while other are very repetitive, turning into a monologue.

Many of the poems also sound like music lyrics. I think some of them would do great, catchy hits!

It is an interesting read, it could have been rated higher if it was more varied, as the "pain" universe is very vast.