Articles for the Mind

Articles for the Mind - Christine Rice Christine Rice’s book Articles for the Mind is a very different read of the ones I am used to. It is a book with about 80 articles under different topics such as

Beauty and health
Careers and education
Family and pets
Financial planning, frugal living and money
Food, holidays and home
Psychology, self-help and values

None of the content is taken much in depth, as Christine is more like introducing the subjects/topics to the reader. However, it is highly informative and interesting, not to mention it is written in an easy-to-understand way. You certainly can connect to one or several, maybe even most of the articles in the book. I ended up learning new things, getting new ideas and reflecting about some of them.

Some of the articles can sound a bit obvious for people who are more experienced in life, they are however highly recommended for younger people such as those who are moving out of their parents’, looking for jobs and starting further education. Other articles can be quite the opposite: something brand new for those who are more seasoned.

My favorite ones were under topics of “beauty and health”, “finances” and “psychology” while my top favorite article of the entire book was “Tips on how to be happy when you are poor.” – It was a bit unexpected, and totally beautiful and inspiring. It is a reminder how you can enjoy life doing things in a simpler way.

This is an enriching read and put together in a creative way. Recommended for those who like informative and inspiring books. Five stars!