Jason Seiler and Mad Artist Publishing are running the Kickstarter.com Campaign for a “larger-than-life” Art Book project.  The Complete Artist Book: How to Succeed in the Creative Industry counts with Industry Pros and Acclaimed Artists:


Jaison Seiler (jasonseiler.com)
Shawn Barber
Sterling Hundley (sterlinghundley.com)
Sean Cheetham (seancheetham.com)
Robin Eley (robineley.com)
Aleah Chapin (aleahchapin.com)
Jeremy Geddes (jeremygeddesart.com)
William Wray (williamwray.com)
David Jon Kassan (davidkassan.com)
Grigor Eftimov (http://existentialdreams.blogspot.com)
Cesar Santos (santocesar.com)
Justin “Coro” Kaufman (coro36ink.com)
Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen (henrikaau.com)
Tyler Jacobson (tylerjacobsonart.com)


Together, they will reveal the secrets of their success, talk about clients, promotion, art business, copyright, selling your art, among other important professional subjects. You will enjoy this content browsing through top notch illustrations and having access to great bonus videos.


Are you a painter, illustrator, tattoo artist, a designer, animator, art director or just want to work in the creative industry? Well, If you want to know exactly what it takes to become an Elite Artist and to succeed in the Fine Art, Magazine, Video Game or Film Industry with so much competition, then this book is the road-map for your career.

But if all you want is to have some delight with beautiful artworks, don’t worry! This beautifully designed book is handy not only for artists but also to art appreciators!


Learn all you want about this project and pledge the campaign here: www.Thecompleteartistbook.com