Master Of Crows

Master of Crows - Grace Draven When I firsat started reading this book, I thought I started reading a “usual” Romance.

Little did I know, how complex was the world Grace Draven was leading me into. The two key characters, Silhara (oh what a beautiful name!) and Martise ( another equally beautiful name!) are almost like nemesis until a certain point in the story.

Silhara is such an ominous man, with words that are shaper than a razor blade. Martise is an admirable woman. She is full of virtues and lives the adventure (and Romance?) of her life, when she leaves the familiar Asher to the solitary, almost cursed ground of Neith to serve Silhara.

Master of Crows has a great tempo: each character unfolds at such good pace, that you get to know them well, they become dear to you. They are real, and their world is just as real because of the way it was put together.

Grace Draven has packed this amazing story with good doses of Romance, Fantasy and great Action. The more you read, the more thrilled and curious you get. When you finish with the book, you with the story was longer or that a book # with this great duo has been available as well.

One of those rare books I have in a shelf inside my heart!