High Witch (High Witch, #1)

High Witch (High Witch, #1) - Mona Hanna High Witch is a novella Fantasy Romance written by the Australian author [a:Mona Hanna|4756190|Mona Hanna|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1335716665p2/4756190.jpg]. It is a book with an interesting story: it has magic, action, adventure and love, lots of love. The main characters are Brayden and Ariel, a young couple in their mid-twenties. They fall deeply in love for each other and find themselves in one of the biggest and most dangerous adventures in their lives.

They love grow stronger as they have to overcome fear and a lot of difficulties in their way. All because of a dark warlock, Julius, who has diabolical plans regarding the future of Ariel, the High Witch herself.

Despite all the pain, nothing can defeat the love Brayden, a very conscious and respectful your man nurtures for Ariel; as well as the love she nurtures for him, the one who helped her learning and controlling her magic powers.

As a novella has a short length, we can’t expect much description of the characters or environments, and everything has to go in a faster pace. I feel that if this was a more extensive work, it would have been really nice to have learned more about Brayden and Ariel. There’s so much more about what make their personalities I would like to understand. Anyway, we will surely know more by the next book.

The plot feels like happening a bit fast in the very beginning of book, that’s when Ariel and Brayden meet and get to know each other. After that, when they get entwined, action starts to unfold and things get more exciting. In the end there is a lot of tension, action and conflict, by the time Ariel is going through “The Test”.

The book, which I must mention has a lovely cover, ends with a beautiful, happy and peaceful scene. Ariel and Brayden are now bonded until death tears them apart. They are meant to live in happiness forever after, but will they?

I am looking forward to know what Mona Hanna have prepared for them in the next book…